ECA aims to reposition your business in the marketplace over your competition that has a longevity effect.

If your messaging, designs, content isn’t consistent with your core values, and your customers are starting to question what you are doing is a good sign you may be in crisis. When marketing campaigns don’t have a clear message, it makes it hard for customers to see how you can benefit their business. 

Your marketing is a hit and miss because it isn’t consistent. You go from one idea to the next without making sure it aligns with your core values. It can also be from not knowing your target audience, wrong audience, platforms, and market trends. There are other factors that will contribute to marketing failures too. 

ECA conducts a full-business analysis to find where the malfunction is. After the problem is identified, we rebuild your foundation and find your essence and superpower. Let’s discover who you really are and the best position in the marketplace. Develop new and clear core values, new mission/vision statements, taglines, mottos, vision/personas boards, messaging, and attraction visuals. 

ECA is different because we look at your business for what it is tomorrow.  We methodically develop a strategy to make it a reality.  Utilizing intuition, reading in between the lines, and data.  

We begin with a discovery meeting to assess your needs, learn about your and your business goals and area of concern.  We perform brand exploration to determine the best way we can help you grow. Finally, we see if we are a good fit for one another. 

To have the best end result of your design, we need to create a strategy. ECA needs to know about your targeted audience, project background, project needs, project parameters, your superpower, messaging, color theme and your differential.

ECA focuses on deep dive strategies, design, print, and marketing versus surface level. Most agencies operate in cookie cutter format with a mindset that one size fits all. We get to know our clients personally, because the better we know you, the better we can create longevity strategies and find unmet needs in the marketplace that you can service.

Each client’s needs are different when it comes to repositioning and brand development. You can expect 3 months to over 12 months from start to finish. Please note it doesn’t happen overnight.   

ECA has a combined experience of 128 years of creating, managing printing, and strategizing. 

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